Dental Crowns

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Crowns for Patients in Arden Arcade

Dental crowns are one of the most important restorations we offer. A crown can save a broken or decayed tooth by holding it together & protecting it from further damage. It can also serve as a beautiful replacement for an unsightly tooth.

A crown can make your tooth stronger & improve its appearance. Crowns are just like your regular teeth and can be flossed and brushed regularly.

Different Types of Crowns

Ceramic Crowns – Ceramic crowns are porcelain-based, these are recommended for restoring the front teeth for better color blending. When we place this kind of crown we might need to remove some of the tooth structure to attach the ceramic crown to the tooth.

Porcelain Infused with Metal – These crowns combine ceramic & metal alloy crowns. With a porcelain exterior & metal interior, these crowns are strong and look great.

Metal Alloy Crowns – Gold, silver, or platinum and other metals make up these crowns. They are the most durable type of crown available & the least likely to wear down your neighboring teeth. The downside of metal crowns is that they do not blend with your teeth, so they aren’t always the most aesthetic choice.

Zirconia Crowns – Zirconia is a type of metal that is naturally tooth-colored, making it a popular crown material for many dentists. Like other metal crowns, it is also extremely durable. Like Gold crowns, they are generally not as aesthetically pleasing as other choices.

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