VIP Membership Plan

No Insurance, No Problem

If you do not have dental benefits this plan is designed to provide affordability and easy access to quality dental care. Forget about missing out on high-quality dental care, regardless of your insurance status. Many of our patients are either without any dental insurance or are unhappy with their options for self funded or employer offered insurance. Our savings plan will enable you to receive the dental care that you need at a discount. You will discover that when compared with traditional dental insurance plans, our program is more friendly and has eliminated the costly “Middle-Man” also known as the insurance claims adjuster. You receive the care that you want when you want it. No more waiting for “special insurance approval”. Your dental work is between you and your dentist and not an insurance adjuster who decides what type of dentistry you can and can’t have. No more “lost claims”, no more forms to fill out. You are in complete control over your dental care, and the treatments YOU choose. Dr. Bennett and his staff are here to help you get the care that you want and need.

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Silver (age 0-13)

$35/mo.or $420/year

  • 2 professional cleanings

  • 1 regular exams

  • 2 fluoride treatments

  • 1 Routine x-rays

  • 1 emergency exams

Gold Ages 14+

$39/mo.or $468/year

  • 2 professional cleanings

  • 2 regular exams & screenings

  • 2 Routine x-rays

  • 2 emergency exams

  • 15% off other dental procedures

Diamond Ages 14+

$59/mo.or $708/year

  • 3 Perio maintenance procedures

  • 2 regular exams & screenings

  • 2 Routine x-rays

  • 3 emergency exams

  • 20% off other dental procedures

Family plan (Family of 4)

$135/Mo. or $1620/Yr. extra child $30/mo.

  • 2 Professional cleanings per person

  • 2 regular exams & screenings per person

  • 1 routine x-ray per person

  • 2 Fluoride treatments 14 under

  • 1 emergency exam

  • 20% off other dental procedures