Tuttle Numb Now

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Tuttle Numb Now

At Arden Arcade Dental. We use the Tuttle numb now system. TuttleNumbNow (TNN) is changing forever the way dentistry is practiced. TNN is a revolution, a complete rethinking, and retraining of local anesthesia, introduced by Dr. Gregory K. Tuttle.

Do you have difficulty getting numb at the dentist’s? Patients love Tuttle Numb Now (TNN), a technique that allows them to get fully numb and comfortable while not affecting the lip and tongue. This form of anesthesia is very localized and only affects the tooth that is being worked on. Dr. Bennett is continuing to utilize the TNN technique that was patented in this office. TNN has fast and effective anesthesia benefits to give you the most comfortable and pain-free dental experience!

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