Implants For Multiple Teeth

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Multiple Teeth Implants in Arden Arcade

Implants are the best thing next to natural teeth, using dental implants for multiple teeth allows you to enjoy more benefits when compared to other tooth replacement options. Depending on your level of tooth loss, there is a specific implant procedure to complete your smile.

Replacing Adjoining Teeth

In the past, when you had 2 or more teeth missing in a row, the most common solutions were the use of dental bridges or partial dentures. Bridges and dentures fill the space while being attached to adjacent teeth, which is effective, but will produce decay and damage to the surrounding teeth over time. Not to mention, the bridge or denture will need to be replaced in the future.

With an implant, we can fill the entire space using one or two titanium posts to hold multiple prosthetic teeth in place. You won’t have to have the implant replaced in the future or worry about taking the prosthetic out for eating or cleaning. Plus, you’ll protect your remaining teeth from additional damage and prevent future tooth loss.

Single Tooth Replacement

When you have one missing tooth, your surrounding structures begin to deteriorate, causing the surrounding teeth to become loose and misaligned overtime. We use single-tooth implants to fill the missing teeth while giving your remaining natural teeth the support they need to stay in place. This helps protect your remaining teeth from decay and gum disease to promote a lifelong beautiful, healthy smile.

Full Arch Implants

When you’re missing all of your teeth on the top or bottom jaw, you don’t have to deal with the discomfort and complications of dentures. Implants are the perfect option for teeth replacement when missing all of your teeth on one jaw. Contrary to common belief, this doesn’t involve replacing each tooth individually. Instead, we use an implant that’s held in place by 4 to 6 posts to fully replace all of the teeth. While fewer posts are used, the implants will remain secured and in place without causing any discomfort or slipping.

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