Dental Implants

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Placement of Implants and Crowns at Arden Arcade Dental

Dental implants have a design that mimics the natural design of teeth. That means they not only replace your missing teeth, they also replace your missing tooth roots, giving your restored smile added stability.

A full implant procedure is completed in two phases. In the first, one or more implants will be inserted into the jaw, where your roots were. Then, during a healing period, your implant posts and your jaw will naturally fuse together, creating a solid foundation for your new prosthetic teeth. In the second phase of your treatment, your dentist will fix your new crown, bridge, or denture in place, completing your procedure and restoring your health and appearance.

Because the first phase of treatment requires surgery, many dentists must refer patients to a specialist. But at Arden Arcade Dental, you can have both phases of treatment completed at our Sacramento office with the team you already know and trust.

Bone Grafting from Arden Arcade Dental

Not every patient has enough bone to support one or more implants. That’s why, in addition to offering full implant care, we also offer bone grafting. With a bone grafting procedure, we can improve the strength and density of a patient’s jaw prior to starting treatment. If you’ve previously been told that you aren’t a candidate for treatment with dental implants, let us talk to you about bone grafting.

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